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Watch Meteghan 1 - Video Glossary

Watch Meteghan 1 - Video Glossary


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Meteghan 1 - Video Glossary

The Amazing Map Series: Meteghan (Home) • 4m 37s

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  • Meteghan 2: Culture and Language - SD

    Culture and Language: Red, White & Blue All Over

    The Amazing Map presents TT and Bebo with a riddle to solve about Meteghan’s culture and history. TT and Bebo learn about the Acadian and Micmac peoples’ culture and language as they attempt to solve the riddle. Topics include Acadian festivals,...

  • Meteghan 2 - Video Glossary

  • Meteghan 3: History - SD

    The Amazing Map History Museum

    TT and Bebo visit the Amazing Map History Museum which features interactive displays of the history of Meteghan. The exhibits include information on early Acadian history and the deportation, a visit with a Micmac elder, a trip to the past in Port-Royal, a story ...