MovieMaking 101 - HD + Extras (School)

MovieMaking 101 - HD + Extras (School)

A Beginner’s Guide to Filmmaking

This digital edition includes:
-MovieMaking 101 (55 min) in glorious high definition
-Responsibility of the Story Teller
-Video Animatic of MovieMaking 101
-PDF properly formatted working script of MovieMaking 101
-MP3 Commentary for the film (with tons of additional advice & tips)

MovieMaking 101 - HD + Extras (School)
  • Responsibility of the Story Teller

    Writer/Producer Greg Lammiman talks about the importance and power of story and the responsibility that come with that great influence.

  • MM101 Animatic - 720p

    Full Animatic for the MovieMaking 101 film

  • MovieMaking 101 - HD

    Movie Making 101 covers the entire filmmaking process from idea to final edit, through all three phases: pre-production, production and post-production. This film is full of practical ideas for the filmmaker with limited resources, giving ideas on how to work with what you have, along with many o...

  • Making a Movie V.3.pdf

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  • MM101 MP3 Comentery.mp3

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