My Grandpa Detective - HD + Extras

My Grandpa Detective - HD + Extras

When Forgiveness Isn't An Option

This digital edition includes:
-Full feature film "MY Grandpa Detective" (97 min) in glorious high definition
-20+ min of deleted scenes
-Blooper Reel
-BTS clips
-PDF shooting script for My Grandpa Detective

My Grandpa Detective - HD + Extras

4 Videos

  • My Grandpa Detective - HD

    "My Grandpa Detective" is a humorous story with a serious message of family and forgiveness.

    After his father stormed out of his grandfather's house and out of his life, young Bobby was raised by his grandparents. Now grown, Detective Robert Whitmore is in for a surprise when he is assigned a ...

  • MGD Deleted Scenes - HD

    Over 20 minutes of deleted scenes from My Grandpa Detective.

  • MGD Behind the Scenes - HD

    A short montage of behind the scenes clips from the filming of My Grandpa Detective.

  • MGD Bloopers - HD

    A montage of he funniest unscripted moments from My Grandpa Detective

  • MGD Commentary.mp3

    178 MB

  • Grandpa Detective Script.pdf

    220 KB