Remember - HD + Extras

Remember - HD + Extras

Is there a future for the family?

This digital edition includes:
-Remember (106) in Glorious High Definition
-Blooper Real
-Making of a Movie
-Meet Scott Heatcoat
-Effects & VFX
-Remember Commentary MP3
-Remember script PDF
-Remember storyboard PDF

Remember - HD + Extras

9 Videos

  • Remember - HD

    Is there a future for the family?

    Carl's job is to protect children in a society that has suffered from a great economic disaster. Following a traumatic incident, Carl receives a series of unusual messages that challenge him to remember his past, question his beliefs about families, and lead h...

  • Remember's Stunts and Action - HD

    Director Dallas Lammiman shares a behind the scenes look in to the stunts and action scenes for Remember.

  • Costumes of Remember - HD

    A look in to the extensive and elaborate world of costumes and wardrobe for the ultra low budget film Remember. From conception, to concept art, to creation to set.

  • Props of Remember - HD

    Director Dallas Lammiman talks about the plethora of props used in Remember and how they were created and sourced on such a low budget.

  • Effects and VFX - HD

    There are over 300 VFX shots in Remember, Director Dallas Lammiman talks about how his small team did the imposable.

  • Music of Remember - HD

    The Lammiman's chat with Remember's Composer Rick Holets about the original score and how movie music is made.

  • Making of a Movie - HD

    Discover what was is like to make a ultra low budget christian sci-fi feature film.

  • Meet Scott Heatcoat - HD

    Actor Scott Heatcoat (Andrew) talks candidly... And maybe a bit goofily at times, about his perspective of the Remember production.

  • Remember Blooper Real - HD

    All the funniest moments and out-takes from filming Remember!

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  • Remember Storyboard.pdf

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  • Remember Commentary.mp3

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